J.I.D X London (Photoset)

Dealing with overzealous security at the 4 Your Eyez Only tour & waiting around for main act J Cole at the O2 in London, fellow photographer danikm utters 'Ah... I love 'J.I.D' with a warm smile attached, I stand around and pretend to know who that is because shamefully I had never heard of him, upon shooting these images I realized how badly I was sleeping on this guy, based on the hard 808's & the energy the crowd were throwing back to him I thought I had 'J.I.D' pegged in my mind within 15 minutes, I painted him into the 'Lil Uzi Vert' box based on those factors, questioning how he even fit into my idea of the 'Dreamville' imprint... however it was only when I left the venue that I realized how wrong I was.

The live show set was clearly tailored to connect with the younger energetic 'turn up' crowd but the 'never story' project which I sat with on the long ride home, blew me away on my first listen (I'm still not over the beat switch on 'Never') - the storytelling introspective jams made me understand why Dreamville picked 'J.I.D' up immediately, the flows came in handfuls, the delivery is fresh, the songs about love don't feel tacked together and come across more genuine & honest than most R&B albums let alone hip hop projects these days.

Going from an unheard of J Cole signee to quickly becoming the most exciting & versatile artist on his roster to me, It took me one listen to become a fan 'J.I.D' & had I not have seen him warm up for J Cole I'm not sure I would have caught on...which is why I had to write this.

If you would like to view the main article on what happened next (and written by professionals) you can find it here:

Anywho heres a photoset: